3 Easy ways to build the best website

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Did you ever think of building a website ? A thought which may be daunting for some who have no clue in technology. Basically now more than ever we can reach more people with our business more than the people in the local neigbourhood through internet. So, in this era it is must to have an internet presence. There are different means available with which you can present yourself, your services, your products or your creative works in the internet. However, in this Blog we want to focus on How to build a website in the quickest and the simplest way.

Three ways to Get Started quickly in buiding Websites

Using Third Party Solutions:

Nowadays, there are companies that give range of products that enable you to build a website in no time. The most popular examples of such companies are WIX.com or GODADDY starter pack. Obiviously they are advantageous because they are cheaper to get started especially they are pretty simple to build.Truly, they are good options to start off for a small price. The customer service of these big companies are dedicated and commited to serve you as well in high standard. These companies prioritize customer service over the other services that they offer, hence that is very advantageous for any naive starter. May be you can use the Customer Service as a criteria to determine which company to choose among those companies who give Getting Started Packs.


  1. As the name suggest these solutions will give you just the ability to get started. It means to say that they are limited in features. For any additional features you will probably need to upgrade your Plan. This may be an expensive upgrade cummalatively as most of the plans are monthly subscription or annual subscription.
  2. In the same case when you want to expand your website further more, the other disadvantage is you will have only the choices from the same provider for all the range of products. The strategic plans of the companies who give cheap starter packs is to generate revenue ou oft the purchase of products that you will eventually require, once you are bound in their product ecosystem. Not that it is really bad but you will loose your freedom to choose some other brand. However, to mitiage this there are companies present who develop their Starter Packs so much that they could integrate with 3rd Party Products as well.
  3. You loose the ability to customise your website. You are limited to the templates available in the selection of the company to choose from. This is not completely a disadvantage but a small trade off you give away to have a easy tool to build website.
Using CMS to build your Website

Using WordPress CMS

Second way to build your own website is using CMSs (Content Management System). It is the easiest way to get started, especially for those who do not have any background in Web Design and Web Technologies. The simplest CMS is WordPress . Thousands contribute daily to the features of this CMS. There are plenty of help to get from in the internet for WordPress. You have so many websites, tutorials, forums and facebooks groups, they are all available to guide beginners through all their initial steps. You will have all the control to theme your website. You can customise and expand new features without any limitations. Above all, you can have a contol over your expenditure in the website. Potentially, you just need to pay for the Hosting service in the start. Even in that too you have plenty of choices, nowadays there are free hosting services also.

I cannot assert any more than this, that this is the best affordable way to get started in building your dream website; only trade off you have to make here is that you have to get your hands dirty.


  1. Although I suggested that this is a simple CMS yet for the non-techy guys it may be difficult to get around it in the start. I believe your patience will be tested here. But once you go pass your short learning stage, you will realise the limitless potential of WordPress for yourself.
  2. The other crucial entity in using WordPress that everyone should know are plugins. These plugins allow you to expand your websites. Many of them are free to use, however some of the real goodones that will bring results to your website are not free to use. You have to purchase in a subscription model or one time fees. However, the advantage is this that they are sold in competive prices, we have plenty of choices to choose from.
  3. There is so much help out there in the internet to choose from, which is very advantegous but it can be daunting for those who do not know anything. They may get lost in the cycles of tutorials and help contents. You need to precautiously choose the write guide, community and help.

Use Web Design Agency to entirely design, develop and manage your website.

Thirdly, I will be honest this is not the best of options to choose from but many have been taking this as their choice for many years. Basically for the mere reason of the potential expenditure inacquiring a website for yourself, I think this is not the best option. May be it is for somebody who has money to spend, However, this option allows you endless ways to customise your site. You can demand latest design trends for your websites, which will make you standout of your competitors. Herein you do not need to learn anything new, your webiste is entirely designed, developed and managed in the timeline you suggest. The good news for those who want to choose this option is this that Web Agency market has currently become very competitive. This drives the prices down. The second suggestion that I would like to make is that you choose an agency that you are well aware of and you believe that they would not charge high prices to you. May be you choose an agency with whom you have an existing trust relationship.


  1. Getting a website through this option may be expensive if you don’t deal properly with the agency. Inorder to mitigate this risk, you need to have on your side somebody who knows lot on the technology to discuss with Agency professionals, so that they do not take advantage of your ignorance.
  2. Secondly you need to have a clear cut view on what you want from the website in the beginning. I mean to say, it is better to put out a complete picture of what you want to the agency in the start. This will enable you t bargain and get a fixed quote. However, for any potential customisation afterwards you need also to get in an agreement of hourly or fixed fees in the start . Otherwise, you may be bound with an agency who will charge you heavy amounts for customisation in the near future.


I have laid out three ways to build websites, each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. A quick read through the text will give you an idea of what they are; according to your needs and current circumstances you can choose any one methodology to build your website. I hope this blog helps you out, please feel free to leave comments below.


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