FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Thesla Social is our Social Media Management service. We offer  personalised social media content and if required we manage  the social media of the clients in a competent price as well. Essentialy, we create and publish ontents consistently that create high engagements, brand exposure and leads in social media platforms.

Thesla Design and Dev is our technical Design and Development services. The services include understaning technological needs of prospect clients. We provide services to design UX and UI for Web and Mobile APPs. We also provide development services for Website, Web Application and Mobile Application.

Our core Services are

  1.  Website Design and Development
  2. Mobile Application Design and Development
  3. Custome Web App Design & Development
  4.  Software Development

Yes, we do provide consultancy, mostly free of cost. We realise that many businesses struggle on stuffs that could be well helped with existing technologies in the internet. So, we guide them to the right solutions.